Aqua Painters - Set 6 Winter

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Set of 6, water-based paint pens inspired by the seasons, with high coverage opaque colour. Acid-free, non-toxic set contains .5mm, .7mm and 1mm nibs. Use on paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, glass, plastic, metal and dark surfaces. Blend with water for beautiful wash and watercolour effects. Perfect for use with the Aqua brush - keep both in a pencil case for sketching on-the-go. Also available in a metallic colour set.

  • Use the white paint pen to add detail, embellishment and highlights
  • Develop layers over other mediums such as watercolour paint
  • Ideal for fashion and art students, hobby artists and designers
  • High quality nibs made in Japan
  • The Spring, Summer, Autumn and Metallic collection paint pens all contain 0.7mm nibs. The Winter collection contains 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1.0mm nibs.