Aqua Painters - Set 6 Autumn

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Set of 6, water-based paint pens inspired by the seasons, with high coverage opaque colour. Acid-free, non-toxic with 0.7mm nibs. Use on paper, cardboard, canvas and other light surfaces. Blend with water for beautiful wash and watercolour effects. Perfect for use with the Aqua brush - keep both in a pencil case for sketching on-the-go. Also available in a metallic colour set.

  • Use the light paint pen to add detail, embellishment and highlights
  • Develop layers over other mediums such as watercolour paint
  • Ideal for fashion and art students, hobby artists and designers
  • High quality nibs made in Japan
  • The Spring, Summer, Autumn and Metallic collection paint pens all contain 0.7mm nibs. The Winter collection contains 0.5mm, 0.7mm and 1.0mm nibs.